Awards & Honors
National Business Systems Advanced Group
Chinese Top-500 Import & Export Company
Chinese Top-500 Company in Service Industry
National Best Quality and Profit Import & Export Company
China Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Enterprise Association Credited Enterprise (AAA)
National Model Workers’ Home
First Prize of 2020-2021 National Enterprise Outstanding Achievement Award
Zhejiang Top-100 Enterprises
Zhejiang Provincial Civilization Unit
Zhejiang Top-100 Enterprises in Service Industry
Zhejiang "Leaders" of Domestic and Foreign Trade Integration
Zhejiang Top-100 Fastest Growing Enterprises
Zhejiang Provincial Outstanding Basic-level Party Organization
Zhejiang Outstanding Contribution Enterprise in Importing Medical Materials & Epidemic Prevention
The Charity Contribution Award of Disaster Relief & Donation for 5.12 Wenchuan Earthquake Disaster
Provincial Model Workers’ Home
Ningbo Top-100 Enterprises
Ningbo Top-100 Enterprises in Service Industry
Ningbo Excellent Headquarters Enterprises
Ningbo Best Quality and Profit Import & Export Company
Ningbo Substantially Supported Excellent Enterprises in Foreign Trade Industry
Ningbo Top-10 Enterprises in Foreign Trade Industry
Ningbo Top-10 Growing Star in Service Industry
Ningbo Foreign Trade Innovation Enterprises
Ningbo Excellent Pioneering Enterprises
Ningbo Credible Import & Export Enterprises
Ningbo Haishu Outstanding Contribution Enterprises
Ningbo Civilization Unit
Ningbo Advanced Basic Party Organization
Ningbo Excellent Enterprise Party Organization
Ningbo Advanced Harmonious Enterprises
Ningbo May Day Labor Certificate
Ningbo Pioneer Workers
Ningbo Advanced Unit in Finance &Trading Unions System
Ningbo Charity Model
Ningbo Charity Award
Ningbo Advanced Youth League Organization
Ningbo Advanced Voluntary Service Unit
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