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With logistics warehouses of nearly 150 thousand square meter, Ningbo FTZ Ningshing Ubay Logistics Co., Ltd provides services of general cargo storage, goods freight agency, logistics information inquiry and supply chain management. While providing logistics support for its parent company Ningshing Ubay, it also actively provides cross-border warehousing and logistics services for a large number of cross-border e-commerce enterprises including over 100 flagship stores like T-mall and G.Taobao.

With experienced logistics operations, professional & efficient teams and advanced ERP management system, Ningshing Ubay Logistics has been among the Top cross-border logistics and warehousing companies in Ningbo with a daily handling orders of over hundreds of thousands.

Contact Information:
  • Tel:86-574-86968153
  • Address:West of 1F, No.1 Building, No.18, Xingye Second Road, Ningbo FTZ, China
  • Postcode:315033
  • Tel:86-574-87287288
  • Fax:86-574-87248846
  • Address:27F Tianning Mansion, No.138
  • Zhongshan Road West, Ningbo
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