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Ningbo Ningshing Haixin International Trade Co., Ltd is a professional import and export trading company integrating trade service and technical consultation. The Company deals with various kinds of forage feed for dairy farms including oat grass, alfalfa and alfalfa pellet imported from big livestock enterprises in Australia and Spain. Ningshing Haixin has a professional technical team composed of senior foreign agricultural experts and is equipped with professional information network and international stockbreeding information database, which is a strong technical support and solid information backup for the development of the above fields.

Ningshing Haixin is also actively exploring the new mode of cross-border trade, OTO and new retailing interaction. Ningshing has established strategic cooperation with some superior overseas production bases, imported ten thousands of commodities from over 100 countries and obtained a number of general agency rights in China. Cooperating with many government-affiliated enterprises in and outside Zhejiang province, Ningshing Haixin has set up several import commodity direct sales centers in Anhui Province, namely Anqing city, Mengcheng County and Bengbu city, providing high-quality overseas commodities in dozens of categories such as meat, fresh food, wine, maternal and infant products, daily chemicals and cosmetics to improve the quality of local life and promote consumption upgrading.

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