Corporate Culture
  • Logo
    The logo is composed of a red letter S and a bright blue space. The RED implies life and ardour, the letter S in shape of a globe indicates Ningshing’s globalization strategy, while the deep blue space symbolizes Ningshing’s sustainable development. The red S standing in contrast against the deep blue space embodies a solid, innovative, yet ever-growing Ningshing ahead.
  • Culture Character
    Being pragmatic and realistic,sensible and trustworthy,competitive and cooperative,innovative and progressive.
  • Ningshing Mission
    Breate a first-rate win-win platform.
  • Ningshing Objective
    Bursuit of Excellence ---maximize the satisfaction of customers, employees, shareholders and the society.
  • Enterprise Philosophy
    Cooperate, co-development, and win & share together.
  • Ningshing Spirit
    Honesty, dedication, progressiveness and solidification.
  • Ningshing Consciousness
    Achievement, crisis, competition and self-discipline.
  • Ningshing Style
    Clear, fast, precise and true.
  • Operation Concept
    People oriented, based on the integrity and with continuous innovation to get a sustainable development.
  • Talent Philosophy
    Focus on both ability and moral integrity, know his capacity and virtue, discover his potentiality, and promote the talented.
  • Competitive Concept
    Grow in the competition and win in the cooperation.
  • Crisis concept
    Be vigilant in peacetime, fully control the risks, and advance hand in hand to face difficulties.
  • Brand Concept
    Gain the trust by high quality and promote the value by brand image and effect.
  • Marketing Concept
    The market will never be weak, only if you were lack of active innovation.
  • Service Concept
    Being fast and precise as customers come first.
  • Leading Idea
    Service, coordination, stimulation, management, supervise and control.
  • Interpersonal Relationship
    Build a big family with respect, teamwork, sharing and gratefulness.
  • Motto of Ningshing
    The miracle only happens in the power of focus and concentration.
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