Cross-border E-commerce

Ningbo Ningshing Ubay International Trade Co., Ltd is a Cross-border E-commerce enterprise and also a pioneer enterprise in Ningbo cross-border purchase business. With targeted efforts to integrate brand management, cross border e-commerce and warehouse logistics, Ningshing Ubay has developed a new e-commerce model featuring OTO interactions, interconnected warehouse logistics and stronger linkages between domestic and overseas markets.

Under the strong support from Ningshing Holdings, Ningshing Ubay operates 150,000 square meters of cross-border bonded logistics warehouse in Ningbo free trade zone and has four overseas collection and direct mail warehouses respectively in Japan, the US, Italy, and Australia, serving over 300 brands of overseas commodities. The company has settled in several large third party platforms such as T-mall International, Jingdong and Vipshop and has established in-depth cooperation with internationally renowned enterprises and brands from South Korea, Japan, France, and the Netherlands. With an annual import volume of over USD 660 million and issued logistics orders of over 25 million, Ningshing Ubay ranks the TOP Sales Performance among cross-border purchasing enterprises in Ningbo. It won the T-mall 100 Million Club Award and was selected the E-commerce Demonstration Enterprises by China's Ministry of Commerce, the Top 100 Enterprises of Ningbo service industry and the Top 100 Competitiveness Enterprises in Ningbo. It was also awarded the Zhejiang Advanced Youth League Branch.

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